How to Reduce Profits and Disappoint Guests

Recently, a hotel guest reached out to us directly to purchase flags to bring on his vacation. The property he was staying at had removed our service flags from the pool area and it had left him disappointed. This is the letter he wrote to us:
“Most every year my family and I go back to Arizona at the beginning of summer. Their off-season. We see friends and family at the resort we always stay at. For years they had these awesome little plastic drink service flags on the lounge chairs to let the pool service staff know when you wanted another drink or something to eat. Service just when you want it. How perfect and one of my wife’s most favorite features of staying there. How disappointing last year when we went there and all the flags were gone.
Apparently they got a new pool manager and they did not like the flags so they had them all removed. We (and many of those around us) mentioned our disappointment and asked if they could be brought back. We’d even pay for them. No joy. We then proceeded to poke around any closet or storage area near the pool hoping to find the “stash” of flags. No joy again. We found that because the service staff could never accurately gauge when we wanted another drink or food, we ended up spending about half of what we had in previous years while at the pool and we are there all day for 4-5 days solid. I even noted in the follow up survey we got, my disappointment about the decision to remove the flags and that the only benefit was I spent a lot less money than I would have. I told them if their goal was to reduce the profits for the resort and keep me and my family more thirsty than I would prefer to be, they had succeeded.
It’s still a great resort and a good value for the money, so we are again headed back this summer for a vacation. If there is any way to get a few of those awesome flags, I would love to bring my own. The service staff loved them and they told us if we had them, they would service when they see it up. So I am hoping this year we can bring our own, get back to timely service and make the other guests jealous. “

Don’t let this happen to you! Add At Your Service Flags to your pool and beach – keep your guests happy