Increasing Guest Satisfaction with Enhanced Pool Experiences

Increased guest satisfaction, loyalty and positive reviews. All of these things turn into revenue, whether via repeat stays, word-of-mouth bookings or a glowing review that prompts someone to book that hotel after reading about it. You can have the highest level of technology, monitoring, the fanciest suites and the best food. If you’re not delivering on the service end, the rest is virtually meaningless.
The word ‘service’ says it all – the hospitality business is a service industry and no matter how good all the other facilities are, at the end of the day if the service is bad then your customers may not look at visiting you again. And there are chances of them spreading the word around, especially on social media and reviews sites, which is even more risky for your business.
Fortunately, service quality is also something you can improve without breaking the bank – and when you do, you’ll start to see immediate results through better ratings, and longer term results through increased bookings.

As we slide into the summer season, hotel pools will become magnets of opportunity for memorable guest experiences. While the soothing blue colors, refreshing water temperatures and lushly landscaped environments are appealing; moments of service excellence in the pool environment will make the most splash of all.

What can hotels, resorts and country clubs do to make any pool environment more outstanding than just water and lounge chairs?

  • Define all the ways the guest experience will be impacted on the way to the pool, at the pool and when leaving the pool. Then, define what will impact those opportunities. Adding At Your Service Flags to your pool or beach chairs can help employees attend to your guests promptly and help expedite food delivery when numbers are added to the flags.
  • Empower all employees involved in the pool experience to be part of that experience. Engineers, gardeners, housekeepers and others who may not seem like the active pool employees are still visible and noticed by guests. Inspire them to be active, even if only with a smile eye contact and body language. Invite all the employees involved in the pool experience to offer their ideas and get everyone’s brain constantly swimming with ideas!
  • Guests like clean pools. Make sure pool teams are constantly monitoring the water for floating objects that don’t belong, such as fallen leaves, unwelcome insects, band aids and whatever else might impact that pristine feeling.
  • Recognize the increasing value of shade and then create ways to provide it to guests. Many times guests have to get to the pool early to “claim” the best spots for shade because there are too few options. Be prepared for more so guests leave bronzed and not burnt.
  • Lined up lounge chairs look so wonderful and organized but guests will rearrange the furniture at times. That’s okay but when they leave, have attendants line them up again so that same wonderful organization appeals to next guests. Pick up old, wet and scrunched up towels so new arriving guests don’t have to. Give them the touch of the clean environment they have paid to experience.
  • Be sensitive to sound and music. If music is provided by hotel, make sure it is not too loud and disruptive to the environment. It should enhance the mood, not agitate. If guests bring their own music, monitor their volume as well and make sure all guests benefit by any new notes in the air.
  • Guests love the extras that can make or distinguish a pool experience, especially in really hot weather such as misters, tanning butlers, lemon-infused washcloths, and little samples of sorbet. Consider what might add to the pool personality to enhance and build on the hotel’s personality.

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