Take Advantage of These Top 3 Luxury Travel Trends

For modern luxury travelers, the focus is no longer merely on experiencing new situations or being comfortable. Instead, many travelers are looking for an experience that will be personally edifying. This means travelers choose to visit locations they believe can provide a transformative experience that will help them reach their full personal potential. This motivation, perhaps, is driving some recent luxury travel trends.

Seeking spirituality

Travelers are more likely to visit shrines, temples, and other “sacred spots,” than ever. Stargazing and relaxing activities like hot springs or spa treatments also are increasing in popularity. Today’s travelers seek environments conducive to focusing their minds and rejuvenating their spirits from the demanding pace of day to day life. Natural, immersive experiences that go deeper than a simple massage will be the focus of many luxury trips.

Literary Connections

Technology has continued to eat up more and more of people’s time and attention. In response, a growing awareness has sprung up about the dangers of tech-overuse. Many people are nostalgic for the old days of bound books and print magazines. Thus, luxury travelers seek out places that pay tribute to literary people and works. These range from meet-and-greets with local literary legends to visiting the homes of classic novelists and influential writers. More and more travelers want a travel experience that will reinvigorate their minds as well as their bodies.

Increased Personalization

While luxury travel trends have always been focused on catering to the personal needs of travelers, the trend has become increasingly more personalized. For instance, certain restaurants in the UK, Morocco, and Sweden disregard menus and allow patrons to eat what they want, whenever they want, and wherever they want. In addition, travelers now expect to be able to customize their own travel experience. These personalized experiences can include selecting their favorite toilet paper color or choosing their preferred toiletry brand.

Luxury Travel Trends and Business

Travel companies, hotels, restaurants, and other businesses benefit in keeping up with luxury travel trends. In other words, they can tailor their services to meet patrons’ needs and desires. For instance, hotel restaurants can offer more a la carte items on their menus or even give patrons the option of accessing their wine cellars to select their own wines. Country clubs may research local writers and poets and host a literary event to draw bibliophiles. Cruise lines could inform travelers of the must-visit sacred sites in each location and collaborate with land-based businesses to provide the best experience for their clients.

Whatever companies decide to do, one thing is certain: the trend among luxury travelers seeking personal fulfillment and edification creates multiple opportunities for creative businesses. They can take advantage of the open-ended possibility to design the perfect travel experience, which benefits travelers and servers, alike.